In practice, with the development of networking technologies and the expansion of local, national and international cooperation in the scientific community of São Paulo, ANSP’s mission translates into a range of services, some offered to the entire community of researchers and others to a number of other specific projects.

ANSP offers five different types of services. Three of these, ANSP provides on a routine basis: Internet access (commodity and research & education), connectivity (physical and logical) and a professional data center. The other two are offered on demand (sometimes from the community, sometimes depending on the history): a network design consultancy and staff training and development.


As a provider of connectivity, ANSP offers various services to its participants. From assistance in the acquisition of dark fibers or Ethernet band for optical or virtual circuits for research, ANSP provides a wide range of services in Layers 0, 1 and 2 of the network, which meet the needs of production and research and development of universities and research centers in the State of São Paulo.

Since it does not operate in Layers 3 and above, ANSP is transparent to its users, so that they have complete independence to define their network and connectivity policies, including routing, traffic exchange agreements and transit purchase.