Jeronimo Bezerra demonstrated, at the 14th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop, in Queenstown, New Zealand, how the AmLight project is moving in the direction of SDN/OpenFlow.


Jeronimo Bezerra, a network engineer from CIARA-FIU (Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment at Florida International University) today, 1 October, 2014, gave the ​​presentation Moving towards SDN at AmLight, at the 14th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop in Queenstown, New Zealand. This workshop is the annual meeting of the Global Lambda Integrated Facility, a collaboration of all the academic networks in the world that have lambdas.

The presentation is accompanied by the article Benefits brought by the use of OpenFlow/SDN in the AmLight intercontinental research and education network, for presentation to the IFIP/IEEE - International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, to be held from 11 to 15 May, 2015, in Ottawa, Canada.

The article was written jointly by Julio Ibarra, Jeronimo Bezerra and Heidi Alvarez, from CIARA-FIU; Donald A. Cox III, from Vanderbilt University; Michael Stanton, Eduardo Machado and Iara Grizendi, from RNP (Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa/ National Research and Education Network); and Luiz Fernandez Lopez, from NARA-USP (Núcleo de Aplicações em Redes Avançadas/ Center for Advanced Networking Applications), School of Medicine, University of São Paulo) and from CIARA-FIU. It discusses the challenges and results from the implementation, on 30 August last, of the SDN/OpenFlow mode of operation of the AMPATH, SouthernLight and AndesLight international academic traffic exchange points, that constitute the AmLight international project.

The evolution of the AmLight project towards SDN technologies is a particularly interesting experience, given the technical complexity and managerial difficulties involved in managing an exchange point for traffic distributed via three peers (connected by nearly 20,000 kilometers of submarine and terrestrial optical fiber cables) and operated through an international collaboration involving four different organizations and serving a wide community of scientists from every continent.


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