A new edition of the ANSP newsletter has been launched, which records all the activities performed during BMA4 (the 4th Biannual Meeting of ANSP), including reports on courses, workshops and other events held by ANSP over recent years and announces BMA5!


ANSP has two periodicals: the ANSP Yearbook and the quarterly ANSP Newsletter, for which NARA (Center for Advanced Networking Applications), of the School of Medicine, University of São Paulo, is responsible.

On 9 December, 2013, ANSP launched the 7th edition of the ANSP Newsletter, a special twelve-page edition with extensive coverage of BM4 (the 4th Biannual Meeting of ANSP), held this past 29 to 31 October, in addition to other material on the activities of ANSP in recent years.

The materials on BMA4 deal with the guiding theme of the meeting: SDN – Network-Cloud Convergence. Each group meeting from the activities has its own story: Panorama of the network in São Paulo scientific projects, Academic Symposium on Network Security, Symposium on the Academic Cloud, workshop on the Status of the OpenFlow Project in São Paulo Universities, workshop on the Thematic Project - SDN, courses on OpenFlow, OpenStack and DWDM and the Padtec Demonstration of the 100 Gbps DWDM via the USP-Unicamp Kyatera link.

ANSP Newsletter No. 7 also contains a table summarizing all the courses and workshops conducted by ANSP during the years 2012 and 2013. An article on the role of social networks in publicizing ANSP’s activities explains how the use of the new media plays a significant role in strengthening relations between members of ANSP’s Ecosystem.

Finally, this newsletter carries the first announcement of BMA5 (the 5th Biannual Meeting of the ANSP), to be held on 14, 15 and 16 April 2014, the year in which ANSP will celebrate its 25th anniversary!

The ANSP Newsletter can be read in print and electronic formats, and No. 7 is now available on the ANSP and RSA sites, in Portuguese. By the end of December, it will also be available in English, on the same sites.


ANSP Newsletter No. 7. LOPEZ, Luis Fernandez (Ed.). NARA - Center for Advanced Networking Applications. School of Medicine, University of São Paulo. São Paulo: Kapulana Publicações, Dec. 2013. Quarterly. ISSN: 2318- 812X. Available at:

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