PTTA - Academic Traffic Exchange Point

To perform traffic exchange between its participants and between them and other networks, the ANSP project maintains an infrastructure which, from the logical point of view, works for the users and their data in the same way as an airport works for the airlines and their planes - as a hub:

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The PTTA is hosted in NAP do Brasil, in Barueri, Greater São Paulo. Its location was conveniently chosen based on the quality of the data center, one of the most secure and reliable in the country, and the fact that all the telecommunications companies operating within and adjacent to the metropolitan area of São Paulo are there.
Every institution participating in the ANSP network connects to the PTTA, always on its own initiative, directly or through another participating institution. The federal institutions in the State of São Paulo use, for this purpose, the RNP links. Other institutions request resources from FAPESP, through the "Technical reserve for connectivity to the ANSP Network" (, or use their own resources. ANSP does not act in the so-called "last mile."
As can be seen in the figure above, the PTTA is the nerve center of the ANSP network. In addition to the ANSP users, the PTTA connects to the RNP, to the RedCLARA (Latin American networks), to Internet2 and other research and education networks abroad and to other partners. Although it is not its primary mission, the PTTA also connects to the commercial Internet in Brazil and abroad.